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Community Resources

Our Parent Handbook has a plethora of community resources. In the file below you will find community resources for the following: 

  • Alcohol and Drug Treatment Programs
  • Child Abuse and Foster Care Programs
  • Child Care Programs
  • Disaster Relief and Disaster Preparedness Programs
  • Domestic Violence Assistance Programs
  • Employment and Training Programs
  • Family Resources
  • Health and Dental Care Programs
  • Hotlines and Emergency Personnel
  • Housing and Basic Needs Programs
  • Legal and Immigration Programs
  • Mental Health and Counseling Programs
  • Programs for Pregnant Women
  • Public and Private Benefits
  • Services for Children with Disabilities
  • Tutoring, Homework Help, and Literacy Programs For more resources,

Please visit The Long Beach Resource Line: for additional resources


Community Resources Booklet

Libreto de Recursos de la Comunidad