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Educational Philosophy

The LBUSD Head Start and Early Head Start program is committed to supporting the development of every child through partnering with parents to provide high-quality early learning experiences. Our child development and education curriculum is based on Active Participatory Learning in which children and adults are interactive partners in the learning process. It is not enough to simply tell children what we want them to know. Children must see and do things for themselves, with parents and teachers present
to provide safe environments and ongoing encouragement for exploration and learning.

Play is at the heart of our active learning curriculum because it supports the growth of the whole child, including language, mental, social, emotional, and physical development. When children play, they are actively engaged in activities they have chosen and are thus motivated from within. Teachers plan developmentally appropriate activities using a variety of resources including Creative Curriculum, Frog Street, Partners for a Healthy Baby, Second Step, and Sports Fun. Through play, children learn, discover and make sense of the world.

There is a growing awareness among educators, parents and the general public that social and emotional learning is equally, if not more, important than early academics in determining school readiness. We believe healthy social and emotional development is the foundation for all learning and life-long success. To build children’s social and emotional competence, we use positive guidance techniques including praising appropriate behavior and redirection for misbehavior. We use a problem solving approach to social conflicts and encourage children to talk with each other to resolve problems. We share power and control with children by giving children responsibilities, encouraging independence, and allowing choices throughout the day.

Our classrooms follow a consistent, yet flexible schedule that provides a balanced variety of experiences and learning opportunities. These include whole group gathering times, small group instruction, free play, read-aloud, mealtimes, and outside play. Educational materials and learning environments are designed to support children in making choices in different interest areas, accommodate different developmental and ability levels, and reflect the diversity of children’s families.

Through ongoing observations and parent-teacher communication about children’s progress, we are able to set and support individualized goals for each child. All children depend on responsive, secure relationships to develop and learn. We believe the family is at the core of a young child’s learning and development. Family members know the child better than anyone else. They know his/her usual way of approaching things, his/her interests, how s/he likes to interact, how s/he are comforted, and how s/he
learn. We believe that through collaboration with families we can create meaningful early learning experiences and truly give all children the Head Start they deserve.
We welcome you into the LBUSD Head Start and Early Head Start family!